Website Traffic

Attracting Traffic

Whether it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay-per-click advertising, we can attract the traffic you require.  We have ensured continuous traffic with low bounce rates for several of our business solution clients, adding up to well over one million visitors per year across our client websites.

Hosting Websites

We manage enterprise specification servers (dedicated machines with up to 6 Intel Xeon cores and 16GB memory or more), and we can either place you on a shared server for lower cost or provide a dedicated server specifically for your website if you anticipate high traffic.

High Traffic Websites

It is a black art developing websites that are capable of handling thousands of visitors per day, while consistently delivering page refresh times under a second.

Custom code optimization, special-purpose functional modules, content distribution networks and more must be integrated with absolute precision to ensure that a website is capable of delivering 30,000 or more pageviews per day - that translates to peak delivery rates of several pages per second.  The slightest error or inefficiency and your website becomes sluggish.  Or even worse - crashes.

We have all the knowledge, skill and experience to be able to take your website to this level and way beyond.